Security: Scan Jobs

Like backup jobs and snapshot jobs, you can manage security scan actions as jobs.

  1. In the Security page, open the Jobs tab.

  2. In the inventory pane, click the job to see its actions and status.

  3. In the action pane, you can take the actions for the selected security scan job: Edit Job, Run Now to start the job immediately regardless of schedule policies, and Delete Job.

  4. In the information pane, you can see a summary of the job.

See also

See the following topics to see the results of security scan jobs:

Creating a security scan job

Take the following steps to create a security scan job:

  1. In the inventory pane, click Add job.

  2. In the Create New Security Scan Job pane, enter the following fields:

    Security Scan Name

    Name the security scan job.


    Select clusters that you want to scan.

    Cloud Accounts

    Select cloud accounts for the clusters, such as the AWS account.

    You can select multiple clusters and cloud accounts. You must select at least one cluster and the cloud account of it.

    Click Next.

  3. Select policies to schedule the security scan job. Click Next.

    See also

    For more information about policies, see Policies.

  4. Review the summary of the new security scan job. Click Save.

Ensure that you can see the new job in the inventory pane.