CloudCasa Velero Management Overview

CloudCasa Velero Management allows Velero users to monitor and manage their existing Velero installations across multiple clusters and multiple cloud providers. Velero users can also benefit from guided recovery on recovery points created even prior to signing up for CloudCasa for Velero.

CloudCasa for Velero features are now included in all CloudCasa service plans, including the Free plan.

Key Characteristics

  • Open Source Compatible - Mirrors Velero CRDs to be fully compatible

  • Zero Infrastructure Burden - Not need to install proxies, management clusters, OIDC providers, etc. Just allow access to

  • No Disruption - Your current jobs, scripts, CI/CD integrations will continue to work. No changes necessary to benefit from CloudCasa for Velero.

  • No Migration needed - CloudCasa for Velero can catalog existing policies, jobs and recovery points in-place. No migration required.

  • No Lock-In - You can remove CloudCasa as easily as you can add it, without losing your settings, job definitions, recovery points etc.

  • Simple - Not every option supported by Velero is exposed in our UI. For advanced needs, you can edit and add resources through YAML.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers multi-cluster management for Velero

  • Real time monitoring of backups and restores

  • GUI for Velero configurations and operations

  • Guided recovery during critical downtimes

  • Faster recovery in the cloud with automated cluster creation

  • Improved compliance and governance through alerting and reporting

  • Enterprise support and guidance for Velero

  • Improved time to resolution for issues with backup and recovery

  • Zero infrastructure burden as a SaaS offering

  • Open source compatibility

Key Capabilities

  • Central catalog and Dashboard for all Velero jobs, settings, and policies

  • Multi-cluster monitoring of Velero backups and restores in real time

  • Multi-cluster management of all Velero CRs including backup, restore, BSLs & VSLs

  • Guided recovery to original or new clusters

  • Advanced cloud recovery with automatic cluster creation in AWS, Azure and GCP

  • Intelligent real-time alerting on key errors

  • Centralized log collection

CloudCasa for Velero pricing is based on the number of worker nodes (excluding control-plane-only nodes) in the clusters under management. It is free for the first 10 worker nodes. More details are available on the CloudCasa pricing page.

See also

For more information on setting up CloudCasa for Velero see Getting Started with Velero Management and the CloudCasa for Velero Backup Guide.