CloudCasa Pro Overview

CloudCasa Pro service provides a complete, easy to use, centralized solution for Kubernetes backup.

CloudCasa Pro does not depend on pre-existing Velero instances. Instead, it uses a self-contained agent that provides all Kubernetes backup and restore functionality using a combination of Velero and proprietary modules. It provides the centralized control and global configuration often needed in Enterprise environments, as well as additional data security and consistency features.

Major differences when compared to CloudCasa for Velero service:

  • All configuration is stored and controlled centrally.

  • Schedule and retention policies and other common configuration apply globally.

  • Job scheduling is performed centrally.

  • Storage destinations may be shared and can be selected globally, by cluster, or by backup job.

  • CloudCasa secure cloud storage is available and included by default.

  • SafeLock deletion protection for recovery points is available.

  • Persistent volume backups are read from snapshots for consistency.

  • Agents are updated automatically (by default).

  • Separate installation and updates of Velero is not required.

CloudCasa Pro charges are based on the amount of persistent volume data backed up. Up to 100GB per month is included in the Free plan. There are no per-cluster or per-worker node limits or charges. More details are available on the CloudCasa pricing page.

See also

For more information on setting up CloudCasa Pro see the CloudCasa Pro Backup Guide.