Cluster Recovery Points

The Clusters/Recovery Points page lists all of your currently available recovery points from all Kubernetes backups. You can browse the recovery points using sorting and filtering, initiate restores, and manually remove recovery points if they aren’t locked.

Every time a cluster backup job runs successfully, it creates a recovery point. You can use any existing recovery point to restore your cluster resources and persistent volumes (PVs). The restore can be performed to the same cluster or to a different cluster.

Restriction: With the Free Service Plan, backup retention times are limited to a maximum of 30 days.

You will typically see many recovery points listed if you have regularly backed up your Kubernetes clusters. To help you quickly find the correct one for a restore, you can sort or filter by cluster, backup name, storage location, start time, and backup type (snapshot vs. copy).

Available operations in the Recovery Points page for clusters

For each recovery point item for clusters, you can make some operations:

Extending the retention period of a recovery point with SafeLock

Click SafeLock to add days to retain the recovery point with SafeLock. For example, assume that you create a recovery point with SafeLock on January 1, 2023, and the retention period is set to 10 days. On January 9, you extend the retention period by 10 days so that the recovery point will be purged on January 20 instead of January 10. Because SafeLock is enabled with this recovery point, you cannot delete it until the expiration day nor can you shorten the retention period. For more information about SafeLock, see SafeLock.

Running a restore job manually

Click Restore and you can restore you cluster from the recovery point by running a restore job with it. For more information about restore jobs for clusters, see Cluster Restores

Removing a recovery point manually

Click Remove and you can manually remove the recovery point without SafeLock even before the expiration date and time. You cannot remove restore points with SafeLock until they expire.