The Dashboard is the first page that you see after signing in to CloudCasa.

As with all CloudCasa pages, the menu bar displays the main navigation tabs: Dashboard, Protection, Security, and Configuration. In addition to these tabs, there are the following buttons in the menu bar:


Click this button to open the chat dialog. If there is any CloudCasa Support agent on standby, you can chat with them. Otherwise, leave your name, email address, and message in English, and click Submit; the Catalogic Support agent will contact you.


Click this button to open the relevant document page in the CloudCasa User’s Guide.

Menu (≡)

You can see the first name and organization display name of your CloudCasa account. And click the menu button (≡) to access additional options.

In the main pane of the Dashboard page, there are the following panes:

  1. In the status pane, you can see summaries of a backup job history, status of Kubernetes clusters, and brief information about registered accounts of cloud providers such as AWS.

  2. In the backup section, you can see a list of backup jobs for Kubernetes clusters and databases. For each available backup job, you can see the status: associated policies and clusters, the date and time of the last run and the results of the last 3 runs. You can also run the backup job immediately or restore a backup snapshot that the backup job has created. Moreover, you can create a new backup job by clicking Define backup. Click either Cluster Backups or Database Backups to switch between these two types of backup jobs.

  3. In the notification pane, you can see the following types of notification messages:

    • Product information Notification messages about product information from CloudCasa such as the new product updates and brief information about new features and design changes.

    • Error notification: Notification messages about product errors such as inaccessible clusters or cloud provider accounts. If you see Open ► in the notification pane, click the button and you can edit the object that has the issue.

    • Payment notification: Notification messages about payment for CloudCasa such as expiring credit cards.

  4. In the activity-alert pane, click either tab:

    • In the Activity tab, you can see a list of activities such as a result of each backup job.

      See also

      Click See more ► to open the Alerts page with a list of activities with detailed information. See Activity.

    • In the Alerts tab, you can see a list of alerts with brief information for each alert item.