Backup jobs for the Rook Ceph CSI volumes fail


Backup jobs for the Rook Ceph CSI volumes may fail if you have not properly configured a Volume Snapshot Class (VolumeSnapshotClass or VSC). Follow the instructions in this article to create a custom VSC so that you can back up your Rook Ceph CSI volumes.


Take the following steps before running a snapshot or copy backup job for the Rook Ceph CSI volumes:

  1. Delete VSCs that have the prefix “cloudcasa-” in their names and use the Rook Ceph CSI driver.

  2. Find the VSC with the Rook Ceph CSI driver that is used for taking the Volume Snapshots.

  3. Edit the VSC to make the following changes:

    • Add the label "true"

    • Ensure that DeletionPolicy is set to Retain.

    • Ensure that valid storage credentials of the Rook Ceph CSI driver are configured in the VSC.


If you cannot edit the VSC for some reason, create a new VSC with the same parameters as those seen in the working version and then, make the changes listed above.

Run the snapshot or copy the backup job again and verify that the backup job now ends with the COMPLETED status.