Persistent Volumes

In the Clusters widget of Dashboard, you can see the pair of values for Copy Credits. The first value represents the maximum storage capacity of the Kubernetes Persistent Volumes (PVs) that you can use with your CloudCasa plan, and the second value represents the total capacity that you have registered with CloudCasa.

For example, assume that you purchased the CloudCasa Pro plan which came with the 20-TB storage; you have registered 150 PVs that each has the provisioned capacity of 100 GB. In this case, you can see 20 TB / 15 TB in the Copy Credits values.

Click PV Details → to open the Persistent Volumes pane. You can see a list of all PVs discovered from clusters currently registered with CloudCasa. You can see all PVs, and sort them by the Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) names, provisioned sizes, and volume types such as Container Storage Interface (CSI) and AWS Elastic Block Store.