Billing & Payments

In the Billing & Payments page, you can view a list of invoices and payment records for the CloudCasa solution. You can also change the payment method such as renewing your credit card information. In the menu bar, go to Configuration > Billing & Payments in the General section.

Prerequisites for the Billing & Payments page

Review the following topics when you use the Billing & Payments page:

  • The Billing & Payments page is only available for the user who set up the organization for the first time.

  • CloudCasa uses Chargify for the payment services. Ensure that your web browser allows access to the following URLs:



For additional assistance about the payment methods, contact Catalogic CloudCasa Sales:

Managing your billing and payments

In the Billing & Payments page, you can see the following three sections:

  1. In the Subscription section, you can see the current service plan, the regular subscription fee, and the end date of the subscription. You may also see a referral code for an offer by CloudCasa; hover your mouse pointer over the referral code and see the details of the offer.

  2. In the Billing information pane, you can see a summary of the payment method information such as the last four digits of the credit card that you registered. Click Change and you can change the payment method in the Chargify web page.

  3. In the content pane, you can see the two tabs: Invoices and Payments.

    Click the Invoices tab in the content pane and you can see a list of the invoices that have been issued by CloudCasa, and the payment status. Click Download for any invoice item and you can download a copy of the invoice letter in PDF.

    Click the Payments tab in the content pane and you can see a list of payments that you have made previously.