Switch Organization

CloudCasa authenticates your CloudCasa accounts with your email address and password. Each CloudCasa account can access at least one organization.

For example, assume that you have the following CloudCasa user account:

  • Email address: momoko@beetbank.sg

  • Password: **********

  • Organizations:

    • Beetbank Singapore

    • The Example

See also

To invite others to your organization or remove existing users from the organization, follow the instructions in Users.

To rename the current organization, see Settings.

Regardless of which organization you want to sign in, use the same email address and password to sign in to CloudCasa. Then, take the following action to switch between the organizations:

  1. In any page, click the menu button (≡).

  2. Click Switch Organiztion.

  3. In the Switch organization dialog, select the organization to sign in. Click Select.

Ensure the current organization name in the menu bar changes to the organization that you want to work on.