Database Recovery Points

The Databases/Recovery Points page lists all of your currently available recovery points from all RDS database backups. You can browse the recovery points using sorting and filtering, initiate restores, and manually remove recovery points.

Every time a database backup job runs successfully, it creates a recovery point. You can use any existing recovery point to restore your database.

Note that CloudCasa will list all available recovery points for your RDS databases, even if they were not created by CloudCasa.

Restriction: With the Free Service Plan, backup retention times are limited to a maximum of 30 days.

Typically, you will see many recovery points if you have regularly backed up your databases. To help you quickly find the correct one for a restore, you can make use of sorting and filtering.

Available operations in the Database Recovery Points page

For each recovery point listed, action icons are available to perform the following functions:

Run a restore job

Click Restore to open the restore creation wizard for the selected DB recovery point. For more information about restoring databases, see Database Restore Wizard.

Remove a recovery point manually

Click Remove to manually remove the recovery point before the expiration date.