CloudCasa Overview

CloudCasa by Catalogic is a data protection, recovery, and data mobility solution for Kubernetes, cloud databases, and cloud native applications. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, CloudCasa eliminates the complexity of managing traditional backup infrastructure, while providing the same level of application consistent data protection that more traditional backup solutions provide for server-based applications. Further, it provides disaster recovery, security, and workload migration features that traditional backup solutions don’t.

CloudCasa offers two types of backup services for Kubernetes:
  • CloudCasa Pro uses a proprietary agent to provide backup service that is centrally controlled and managed. All configuration is stored centrally. Schedule and retention policies apply globally. Storage destinations may be shared and can be selected globally, by cluster, or by backup job. Scheduling is performed centrally. CloudCasa secure cloud storage is included by default.

  • CloudCasa for Velero provides centralized management and monitoring for the popular open-source Velero backup software. All configuration is stored locally on each cluster, but managed centrally through CloudCasa. Schedules and retention policies are set individually for each backup job. Storage destinations are configured on a per-cluster basis. Scheduling is performed locally. Managing existing Velero installations is nearly effortless and neither requires nor makes any changes to your Velero configurations.

Uncertain which to use? No worries! While service plans are aimed primarily at one type or the other, all service plans, including the Free plan, allow you to use both. For paid plans, CloudCasa Pro pricing is based on the amount of PV data protected, while CloudCasa for Velero pricing is based on the number of worker nodes in your managed clusters.

CloudCasa also provides protection service for cloud databases such as Amazon RDS. This is critical for Kubernetes-based applications that persist data in cloud databases.

Finally, you can use CloudCasa’s security posture review features for Kubernetes clusters and related cloud infrastructure. This makes it a general-purpose tool for managing the overall cyber resilience of your cloud native applications.

You can sign in to CloudCasa and protect your critical applications in minutes!