API Keys

In the API Keys page, you can operate CloudCasa via the REST API in addition to the web UI. For example, you can run a backup job by sending an HTTP request from your workstation to CloudCasa instead of logging in to the CloudCasa web UI from your web browser.

Restrictions: The CloudCasa REST API is not available for the CloudCasa Free Service Plan.

Every time you send a request from your client device such as a workstation, you need an API key string to authenticate and take actions. For each CloudCasa account, you can have up to 10 API keys.


The API Keys page is available for users with the permitted roles. For more details, see Roles.

To request The CloudCasa API Guide, contact CloudCasa Support: casa@cloudcasa.io.

In the menu bar, go to Configuration > API Keys in the General section. In the API Keys page, you can see a list of API keys and manage each key.

Creating an API Key

Take the following steps to create a new API key:

  1. In the API Key page, click New API Key.

  2. In the API Key pane, enter the following items:


    Name the new API key.

    Description (optional)

    Enter the description which appears in the list of API keys and API responses.

    Click Generate.

  3. Copy the API key string and store it in a safe place. Click Close.


    After closing this dialog, you cannot get the API key string again. If you lose the key string, delete the API key, and create a new one again.

Ensure that you can see the new API key in the list.