Cluster Migration

The Cluster/Migration page shows all of your configured Kubernetes migration jobs and allows you to run them, edit them, delete them, and create new ones.

Migration jobs allow you to make a one-shot copy of a Kubernetes cluster, or part of a cluster. Typically, they might be used for migrating an application from one cluster to another, or a whole cluster from one cloud account to another, one cloud to another, or from on-prem to cloud or vice versa. They can also be used for migrating locally to a cluster with a new configuration.

See also

To add a cluster in your CloudCasa organization, see Overview of Clusters.

In the migration job list, each item has the following action buttons available:

Run now

Run the migraion job immediately.


Edit the migration job.


Delete the migration job.

See also

For more information on defining a migration job see: Cluster Migration Wizard