Cluster Replication

The Cluster/Replication page shows all of your configured Kubernetes replication jobs and allows you to run them, edit them, delete them, or create new ones.

Replication jobs allow you to replicate an entire cluster or part of a cluster on a continuing periodic basis. Typically, they might be used for maintaining a DR or hot standby cluster, or for periodically creating a dev/test replica of a production cluster.

See also

To add a cluster in your CloudCasa organization, see Overview of Clusters.

In the replication job list, each item may have the following action buttons available:


Pause scheduling for this replication job (appears only if a policy is defined for the job and it is not already paused).


Resume scheduling for this replication job (appears only if paused).

Run now

Run the replication job immediately regardless of the schedules in the associated policy.


Edit the replication job.


Delete the replication job.

See also

For more information on defining a replication job see: Cluster Replication Wizard